Why Choose Miniature Herefords

The Heritage Hereford Advantage

  • Miniature Herefords are perfect for small farms
  • Smaller animals are easier to handle
  • Herefords have a naturally docile and curious temperament, they can be halter trained
  • Known as good ‘doers’, they don’t need high grade and expensive pasture and in dry times they keep their condition longer
  • They consume less feed than their larger counterparts and produce more beef per hectare
  • More animals can be run per hectare making it easier to apply for rural rates so stocking and size is an advantage for small farms
  • Smaller hoof size creates less impact on paddocks
  • They are easier on fences and infrastructure like yards, where larger herefords can and will jump fences, the heritage animals are easy to contain
  • Their efficient feed conversion and grass feed creates healthy Omega 3 filled beef
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