Herefords and their history

All Herefords have the famous white face with red and white camouflage body markings and are named after the county of Herefordshire near Wales in England.

The origins of the Hereford date back to Roman Britain when they were probably used as a work animal because of their quiet nature.
By the 1700’s they were winning all the awards at English rural shows. In 1802 the Emperor of Russia insisted on Herefords for his estates and there was a Royal herd at Windsor Great Park. By the mid 1800’s Herefords were exported to the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Once in the new world the traditional Hereford was gradually altered, it was bred up, with longer legs and larger body size to adapt to the vast size of the American and Australian rural acreage.

Sadly, the Traditional Hereford is now on the Rare Breeds list.
It is not only rare in Australia but in England as well.
Miniature Herefords are not the Traditional Hereford, they are being bred down in size to closely reflect the older breed.

The modern Hereford has gone the way of the strawberry, bred big because ‘bigger is best’ and along the way it’s famous genetics have been changed.

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