• Our aim is to breed back to the heritage appearance of the breed
  • Miniature Herefords are not a novelty breed, they are simply the modern Hereford bred back to the more traditional frame.
  • We are breeding ‘polled’ or hornless Herefords, though we do keep some horned animals
  • Our Herefords are all registered with Herefords Australia , they have annual vaccinations and pariciticides.
  • All our animals are are grass fed on our 50 acre property.
  • To encourage their naturally docile temperament and ease with people, we hand feed with silage and regularly move them through our yards.
  • At Apple Gully we aim to keep all the positive characters of the heritage breed – muscle volume, udder quality, calmness, ease around people and calving ease.
  • Herefords can be halter trained and make ideal farm pets for children and adults alike.
  • Heritage size Herefords are ideally suited to smaller acreages.

Tony is a retired veterinarian with an interest in breeding stud cattle

Marg grew up in the Central West surrounded by Herefords, she works on the farm and in education.

Our aim is to breed quality not quantity
By focusing on the positive traits we aim to produce a trouble free animal for small farming areas.

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