Newborn mini Herefords

Newborn mini Herefords really are tiny

Mini Hereford calves tick every box and then some for cuteness when they are newborns. Smaller than a Labrador, with big brown eyes snow white faces and pink noses, weighing about  25 kilos, they have no fear of humans for their first few days and are small enough to cuddle.

Calving is generally trouble free with mini Hereford cattle, after 9 months and 9 days plus or minus a few days, contractions start and the cow just seems to go with the flow and calve.

On one occasion we were standing at the fence gazing out at the paddocks discussing with our neighbours the state of our road, our dams and how the calving season was going,  as we turned to go there was a cow cleaning up her brand new calf just 50 metres away. In the space of our 20 minute chat, right under or noses, the cow had calved and was starting her mothering duties. The whole process had been so quick and quiet that we’d missed it.





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