Mini Herefords enjoy company

Our Mini Herefords are reared on the farm around people, that way they come to see humans as part of their daily life.  If I am out in the paddock with them I make sure I carry an old fashioned wooden floor scrubbing brush, it’s perfect for a good back scratch. At first they are wary of the brush, but once they are accustomed to it they will happily be brushed for as long as your arm holds out.

Another way to have your mini Herefords just about accept you as one of the herd is to hand feed. Living in a cold climate our pasture stops growing in Winter so we hand feed silage for a few months. The routine of moving about in the herd while putting out the silage makes sure you become their best friend, just the sound of the tractor or quad bike delivering the silage ensures they will be at the gate to greet you.

Then when city family or friends come to visit down on the farm they are always excited to be able to ‘pat the cows’.

The city cousins love being able to climb the fence and go and pat the minis- and the Herefords are more than happy to oblige.

The other big plus of calm cattle for owners of course is the increased ease in rounding up and handling in the yards. No panic, no yelling, no stress, just have a bucket of feed and you can lead them like the pied piper.

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